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UNIVERSITY POLITEHNICA OF BUCHAREST (UPB) is a public funded higher education institution founded in 1818, being the oldest and the largest tehnical university in Romania. UPB’s foremost mission is engineering training at all levels.


The Department of Physical Education and Sports – Kinetotherapy, part of the Faculty of Medical Engineering, promotes the acquisition of a biological potential capable of ensuring a good state of health and the increase of the quality of life of the individual in the society, as well as the formation of a system of theoretical and practical knowledge that agrees with the general tasks of university education, integrated in the demands of modern society.


* NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT BUCHAREST, one of the oldest public institutions founded in Europe, in 1923, offers each year degree programs – bachelor, master and doctoral programs, for about 1500 students, in the physical education, sports and kinesitherapy areas of studies. The high level of educational services are recognized by the Romanian Agency of Quality in Higher Education. 

UNEFS experience in higher education is oriented to the education quality and to the academic community performances, being confirmed by the important number of graduates who have become famous and appreciated in many countries of the world. The university includes also Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Researches, Center of Continuing Education, Center of Counselling and Career Orienteering, Library, Discobolul Journal and Publishing House.


The UNEFS international cooperation actions are rendered effective through: inter-university mobility for students, teaching and research staff; exchanges of experience and organization of workshops, conferences, congresses; study programmes developed in international partnership; research and development projects.

* ASSOCIATION NATIONAL SPORTS LEADERS NETWORK KAVADARCI is an association in North Macedonia (program country). Their mission is to implement consistent and sustainable programs for the development of the sport, in particular, ensuring that children can take part in recreational and competitive sports activities while contributing to the social strengthening of the community and creating high ethnic and moral values.

* ASSOCIAZIONE SPORTIVA DILETTANTISTICA MARGHERITA SPORT E VITA BASKET  is local sports club in Italy, aiming to create conditions for the development of the sports activity of the inhabitants of Margherita di Savoia and its surrounding territory.

* UNIVERSITY OF MURCIA is a one-hundred-year-old institution and a reference centre for higher education in the Region of Murcia (south-eastern Spain). This international institution plays a very important role not only in research and teaching, but also in the society itself, acting as an essential social engine and as a strategic bridge for every teaching and research activity, as well as for any investment to be carried out in the Mediterranean coast. The Faculty of Sport Sciences is located in the San Javier Campus. A Degree in Sport Sciences, one official master and one PhD program in Sport Sciences are taught in this Faculty.



United through European traditional sports (E-Sports) project aims to actively promote 5 European traditional sports and games and 2 non-european traditional but inclusive sports in order to increase awareness on the importance, beauty and benefits of practicing European traditional sports and games as solutions to some of today’s young people sedentarism and lack of motivation to do physical activity. The final outcomes expected by the project being to increase awareness of these 7 sports, train and inform people about them and as a consequence of project activities results to increase the number of young people involved in sports activities and that improve different physical and mental skills through sports.



1.01.2021 – 31.12.2022



– project website: , administration


– 2 lessons on the European traditional sports (one in May 2021 and one in May 2022) with young students from Romanian universities regarding the traditional sports and games introduced in the project workshops and practice with 30 students/year.


– 3 participation at the workshops who were organized up to now

1. April 2021 Workshop: Learn, experiment, teach Petanque and Ultimate Frisbee – online

2. September – October 2021 Workshop: Learn, experiment, teach Bolos Cartageneros and O Jogo da Malha – face to face; San Javier, Spain

3. May 2022 Workshop: Learn, experiment, teach Catchball and Bocce – face to face; San Javier, Italy

          Our university presented to the atendees the bocce game: theory and practical classes.


Next activities for our university:

1. Workshop (Final meeting) – October 2022 Workshop: Learn, experiment, enjoy European Traditional sports – face to face; Bucharest, Romania


2. Bocce video tutorial


3. Handbook on Traditional Sports and Games – bocce chapter and other 2 contributions 

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